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Product description
The working principle of the connecting rod float level switch is direct and simple. Usually, one or more reed switches are set in the sealed non-magnetic metal or engineering plastic tube as needed, and then the float ball with built-in magnetic system is fixed to the relevant position of the reed switch in the main tube, so that the float ball is within a certain range Floating up and down, using the magnetic system in the float ball to trigger the closing or opening of the reed switch through the body tube to produce a switching action to achieve the purpose of controlling the liquid level.

Performance characteristics
The contact material of the reed switch is rhodium (the surface is covered with rhodium oxide), and the contact life can reach 2 million times.
The special treatment of the reed switch allows it to be used normally at a high temperature of 200°C.
Multi-point control can be realized, and the position of each control point can be customized according to customer needs.
The outlets of all switches are concentrated in the junction box, the construction is simple and convenient, and the wiring cost is reduced.
The protection grade of the junction box is above IP65, and intrinsically safe explosion-proof and explosion-proof junction boxes can be configured as required.
The overall performance is reliable. There are SUS304, SUS316L, PP, PVDF, PTFE and other materials to choose from.
The length can be customized (Lmax≤5m)

Application field
The connecting rod float level switch is widely used for liquid level control and alarm in various industries such as electronics, electric power, chemical industry, water treatment, water supply and drainage.

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